We’ve all experienced it, cruising along with the music turned up, the sense of freedom is palpable. It’s just you and the open road. Then all of the sudden “CLINK” something flings up and dings your pride and joy. Maybe you didn’t even hear it but inevitably the next time the vehicle is washed it’s there, a pesky rock chip. These imperfections may seem like minor annoyances but can cause major damage to your vehicle’s paint surface if left unrepaired.

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With our 10 year anniversary just ahead, Autobahn Car Wash & Detail has decided to do a number of upgrades, repairs, and retro-fits in order to become the faster, cleaner, and more efficient full service car wash and professional detail center that the city of Saint Charles deserves. One of the 1st most noticeable changes is our effort to change every light bulb over to LED’s (light-emitting diodes). The new additions to the store front look great, and at just 35 cents in electricity each day, they are highly energy efficient as well. In the next few months look for new additions like a new tunnel control system and POS (point of sale) software.

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You would never consider going out on a snowy winter morning without a coat, would you? Same thing goes for your 2nd largest investment, your vehicle. It needs protection from those harsh winter conditions. A good coat of wax before the winter months provides a barrier against damage caused by salt, liquid brine, ice, sleet, snow, and wind. Now is the time to schedule your appointment to have your vehicle detailed at Autobahn Carwash & Detail. We make it easy, so you can get back on the road and face winter head on in your freshly glossed vehicle.

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July 5th 2014 my twin daughters Adella and Cecily were born and since that moment everything in my life has changed dramatically. In a good way! Being a business owner has its challenges but nothing prepares you for raising children. I now have a renewed determination to provide for my family. At Autobahn we have always strived to provide the best quality service at a fair price. 9 years later we feel we have achieved that standard and continue to provide what we initially set out to accomplish all those years ago. We still have a lot of work to do. Every day is a new challenge. It will never come easy. Autobahn is ever evolving and shifting as we see the need. Reassessing every aspect is the only way to remain competitive.

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We love cars of all shapes and sizes. We especially like dirty cars because then we can make them look like new again. So you can imagine that the staff at Autobahn keeps up with all the trends in the auto industry. Knowing what is next helps us to understand how to better serve our customers in the future. The Detroit Auto Show (or the North American International Auto Show) is the best place for automakers from all over the world to showcase their new products and innovations. Detroit is the American car mecca and the big 3 are coming out with some new and exciting vehicles. If you love cars like we do than this post will help you to navigate the ever evolving automotive landscape…

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From the everyday commuter, to the multi-car families, to the custom car enthusiast, we all share the same common belief. Keeping your vehicle clean is not just for appearance. It means so much more than that. It protects one of our most valuable investments. It keeps the surfaces of your vehicle from deterioration due to harmful elements such as extreme temps, salt, pollen, dust, etc. It can even increase resale value if a vehicle is properly maintained. Autobahn Carwash can provide you with 365 days of protection for the lowest price anywhere. In this post we will outline how Autobahn Elite Membership covers all aspects of keeping your vehicle in pristine condition…

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Most Dads do have one thing in common and that’s keeping the family cars clean while protecting their valuable investment. Why not make it easy this year for Dad to maintain the sedan, Family SUV, or sports car. Now we know Dad’s like to take pride in doing it themselves but TIME is the most valuable commodity that we have. The last thing your Father wants to do is pull out the bucket and hose when its 32F below, or 98F in the sweltering summer heat. We make it easy at Autobahn Carwash. Dad just drops by, flashes his membership card, and then proceeds to relax while our detail professionals bring his 2nd largest investment back to show room clean in no time…

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At Autobahn Carwash and Detail we are constantly trying to improve our service by learning more about the process of cleaning and waxing a vehicle. It’s only right we pass on this information to our loyal customers. The following is a guide to waxing your vehicle for do-it-yourselfers. Keep in mind our professional detailers would love to do the work for you to save you time and frustration. We know how busy your schedule is and we try to make it as convenient as possible for you to schedule an appointment. Let’s go over some of the basics of waxing a car, truck, van, or SUV…

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What Makes Us Different?

We are the Elite Full Service Car Wash & Detail Center in St. Charles delivering exceptional service at the lowest price.
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